Perks of Social Media Marketing for Every Business

December 18, 2020

Research shows that 97% of marketers are using social media for increasing their business reach while 78% of salespersons are

outselling their peers for the same.

It’s powerful; influential and impactful!

Life without social media is unimaginable in 2020. The world is connected through the internet, and social media is the connector! Irrespective of where you are, social media keeps you connected, updated and engaged!

Since humans are connected over the internet, boosting businesses online in the various social media platforms brings a plethora of positive outcomes to your business. It’s no more just a platform for connecting and social networking but a platform to showcase your brand and your products.  

Social media marketing is the new normal in this digitalized world. Research shows that 97% of marketers are using social media for increasing their business reach, while 78% of salespersons are outselling their peers for the same. It’s powerful; influential and impactful!

Despite its effectiveness, many small-sized businesses are not yet using social media marketing for promoting their business. There may be many reasons behind this but the basis of all is the lack of understanding the importance of social media marketing and its impact.

So, let’s give you a few reasons; why and how crucial social media marketing is.

o Increased Brand Awareness: Social media marketing is one of the most viable and cost-effective means of synergizing content and increasing your brand visibility. Proper knowledge of social media marketing broadens your audience, and your interactions with them help your business increases its brand value. Create a business profile, connect with people, arrange for sponsors, share your profile with friends and interact with your audience. The more exposure your profile gets the more chances of acquiring customers. 

o More Traffic: The primary use of social media for business is to increase your inbound traffic. But what is inbound traffic? To clear it for all, inbound traffic simply means potential customers / buyers interested in buying your products or using your service. Proper keywords will help you rank and make it easier for you to connect with a wider audience outside your loyal customer base. 

o Improved SEO Rankings: Search engine optimization is really important when promoting your business online. Proper use of SEO techniques and mechanisms will help your page rank higher. Pages appearing on the first page of a search bring in more traffic. So, the focus of SEO is to bring your page in the first rank. 

o Better Conversion Rates: Higher visibility means higher chances of successful conversions. Every post, be it an image, a blog, a video etc. everything leads to increased traffic. The humanization factor in social media marketing gives your business a positive impression. Reports from Social Media Examiner show that about 66% of marketers gain better leads by using the social media marketing strategy. 

o Greater Customer Satisfaction: As said before, humanizing your website is important. Social media is a networking platform. So giving your website page a voice through interactions and continuous activity makes it more valuable and trustworthy by customers. Responding to comments is a good way to build customer appreciation. Your ultimate aim of social media marketing is to boost your business and bring in customer, and to do it, providing a customer with a good experience is a must.

o Cost-Effective: When you think of marketing your business and its product, costing is on the priority list. Social media is the most cost-effective marketing strategy, where even without spending money you can reach your customers; organic marketing. Even for inorganic promotions, the costing is way lesser than the other forms of marketing. 

Social media marking comes with endless benefits and better experienced than said. Almost all of the social networking sites comes with free sign-up. Your virtual presence is stronger when your brand is gaining visibility. So, if you haven’t thought of marketing your business in social media, hurry up and take the first step towards digitally boosting your business!

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