Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of personal details submitted on Webvio Technology Private Limited, and it is our responsibility to keep all your details and privacy secure. And complying with this we assure that all your personal information will be protected and not misused in any manner. 

Any reference to ‘you’ strictly refers to any person submitting any data/information to Webvio Technology Private Limited.

Webvio Technology Private Limited reserves the right to amend, modify, add or delete the content of this privacy policy as and when felt necessary by us. This Privacy Policy is subjected to Webvio’s Terms & Conditions. Notice shall be provided via email in case of any modifications made to this privacy policy. You can be assured that no such modifications shall in any way risk your privacy, and utmost measures shall be taken to safeguard every piece of information provided by you. 

Use of Information by Webvio Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Use of Information by Webvio Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Any information collected or received by us will be used only to verify your account and for future communications. Your user identity and personal data will remain confidential and safe and shall be used only for our marketing, research and internal use. Newsletters and advertising information will be sent to your email id as long as you allow them. In case you wish to discontinue any of these marketing communications, you shall do so by unsubscribing the link. 

Data Integrity

Upon your request on any of our service information or when you submit a request code, your personal data under no circumstances will be sold or misused by any of the internal members. These shall be used solely by Webvio Technologies for intended uses, which shall be appropriate for the purpose it has been collected for. 

Location Information

Webvio Technologies may access your location information to provide the best search results based on your geo-location. The location information gather by Webvio Technologies is purely for providing you with the best service and shall be used for no other reasons whatsoever. It does not store any historical location records except for your last known location, IP address from where Webvio Technologies was last accessed. 

Use of Cookies

Webvio Technologies uses cookies and site logs to facilitate your web communication with us. These shall be used for web management activities and not extract any personal information whatsoever. 


It is to be strictly noted, that no one shall use/copy/download any of Webvio’s material. In case we notice any of Webvio’s copyrighted material circulated on the internet, such information will be reported immediately and removed from the concerned place.

Privacy of Information

Webvio Technologies values you and your personal data shared with us both online and offline for whatsoever purpose. Prioritizing your privacy and security, we have designed an extremely powerful and high-end security online protection system. No personal information shall be shared without your consent.

Information Sharing with Third Parties:

Webvio Technologies understands the solemnity of safeguarding personal data and confidentiality; however, there may be occasions when we need to disclose your information to the third parties. Under certain circumstances, we shall share your information with marketing partners and associated companies.

Code of Conduct

It should be understood that members are responsible for their actions and can be held accountable for anything said and done online. In specific, members shall be held accountable and guilty for any derogatory comments, threats, false statements, unruly behaviour and fraudulent claims made by the concerned person. If you have any query regarding this privacy proclamation or the performance of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact us at  

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