More SEO Trends to follow in 2021

December 26, 2020

The new set of SEO trends in 2021 should become the digital marketers’ preamble to succeed in this new digital era.
A new year and some more new trends in SEO are about to set in from 2021. As Google is more bent on customer satisfaction and customer intent, SEO strategies are about to be replaced by some latest developments that are user-centric. Google keeps updating its algorithm a several thousand times a year but most of these upgrades are too small to notice with little effect, but 2021 is about to bring a new wave of transformation in the digital marketing world. The new set of SEO trends in 2021 should become the digital marketers’ preamble to succeed in this new digital era. 

Let’s have a look at some more SEO trends in 2021:

Trend #6: Increased Automation/ Computerization :

Hamlet Batista, CEO, RankSense says, “Expect the quality and quantity of the AI-generated content to increase dramatically. It will definitely create a bigger challenge for search engines to keep spam out of the index. Human-in-the-loop automation to make sure the value is high for search users will be the main focus to avoid penalties and remain competitive.” 

Trend #7: Proactive & Improved Work Execution :

2021 is all about hard work and better communication. Proactive behavior is the need of the hour. A strategic SEO practice and blended approach will help you stay relevant, think better and understand customer behaviour. Organize your thoughts, build a plan, streamline the process and get going. Also understanding the economic, psychological, social behavior and intent of a customer is 2021’s SEO agenda.

Trend #8 Search Engine Results in Functional & Layout Changes :

Duke of URL, Beanstalk Internet Marketing, Dave Davies, says, “Why have a page on a general topic, and sub-pages on specifics when you can have one long page for it all and know that Google will drive the user where they need to go? Isn’t that the best of both worlds? And they’re doing similar in video.”

According to top-notch digital marketers, helping Google identify and rank pages, such strategies will be more focused in 2021 and henceforth. 

Trend #9: Lengthy & High-Quality Content :

The best way to trend your SEO in 2021 is to implement rich and high-quality contents that are lengthy. All contents have to follow Google’s E-A-T guidelines. Publishing long contents will become the only way to out beat your business competitors. Blogs over 2000 words will have better reach than a blog with 1000 and lower.

Trend #10: SEO Expandability :

2021 SEO trends are never complete without making SEO scalable. Setting up an alert system that notifies and monitors major alterations in your keyword rankings, URL ranking and changes, web page content changes etc will be extremely useful. A standard operating procedure should be adapted to the digital marketers save time and replying to the same queries over and over again.  These changes are a shift towards an improved digital environment, where the focus is only and only customers search and intent. The better you understand and gauge your customers’ behavior and search pattern, the better your business thrives.

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